The End

It is only when we come to the END of our own SELF that we Find THE TRUTH

I have  returned to the land of chaos just to make it known I will be leaving  this electronic world behind.        THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST!     I have struggled to fit into this chaotic world where I do not belong.  I have found a place where the peace is so inviting I could barely tear myself away to return and say farewell to all those… who like me… no longer desire to be connected to the grid of big brother watching over, controlling every move we make.  I have ONE FATHER  who watches over me.  He guards me for my good… not to keep me oppressed, enslaved  and in chaos and confusion… always busy, busy, busy…  no rest, no comfort from all my laboring!  I am free to be ME!              I was created in THE GARDEN and to THE GARDEN I must return!         I invite everyone who wants to be free to follow me HOME!   The WAY  cost me everything earthly, but I gained so much more than I lost!   Let me re-phrase… it was not a loss… I willingly threw it all away!  Left it BEHIND!  I had no idea what I was in for when I began to search for some sense of TRUTH.  It took years… to cut all the cords, break all the chains and to sever all the … connections!  I was so interwoven with the world I did not know… some thing, any thing… else existed.  It was death that opened the door to “see”… there is another world so opposed to this realm of insanity, domination and pre-programmed thinking!         OH MY GOODNESS… there is Rest and Peace on the other side.        The worst part is the WAY between the two realms. A very hard and narrow WAY… very few find it, or… make it all the WAY through.  I on the other hand was not going back… there was/ is NO-THING to go back to… I had nothing I wanted to cling to, no-thing I loved.  No-thing loved me.  Knowing somehow we are created to LOVE and Be LOVED… yet never finding it is exhausting, pursuing something that does not exist… in chaos!  True… some love chaos, create chaos,  feed on chaos.  Yeah… that’s not me!  That is my enemy!  They say… chaos births creativity… who is they?   Chaos as you can see presently…. births one thing…  death and destruction!  Let me continue… It is that chaos that keeps anyone seeking finding peace. Hindering all from crossing over to the other side. Misery loves company! If it was so easy to get to the other side… then misery would be left all alone!   Ah Ha!  you see… the wicked love, feed on one another… it is called revenge!   So you see returning evil for evil only births more evil… not peace!   Peace will only come when the wicked defile all that is good and peace-full.  Then they go about destroy their own” self” and one another!  Peace never came until chaos is removed!  No one ever built love, unity, balance and harmony on chaos. Chaos destroys, Peace builds.  Why is this realm bent on chaos?   One thing… they can not control “self” so they pursue to control others!  All resistance to being control is met with a swift dose of pain and suffering. A Bull-y always pick on those who are weaker… the weaker will always submit to those they “think” are stronger!  Whether they are is to be determined. What is strength?  Is it physical, mental, emotional spiritual?  Is it a combination or a single force?  Let me tell you what I discovered… while on the other side. It was while I was trying to find THE WAY  through… the chaos the darkness… of my ignorance immense as it was… I thought I knew better. I thought I knew what I wanted, needed.  I was so wrong.  It was not the absence of chaos, evil or even HU-MANS that brought me peace. It was finding, knowing, understanding and finally “seeing” the TRUTH.  The TRUTH set me free… from all the cords, chains and connections that opened the prison door so I could finally get rid of all the thoughts that tormented my mind and emotions that tormented my heart!    Perception… has many FACE-TZ!                  What I mean is…  a perfectly cut diamond reflects light in every direction. It is not white light that is reflected but refracted light… the many colors dancing on WAVES  of water. Let me clarify,  Water is everywhere even in the air.  Whether we SEE it or not… it is always PRESENT.  It is a gift few receive.  Wisdom is just so. It is all round us… yet few SEE it … every-where, in every-thing.  We are so BUSY doing BUSI-NESS… we never notice it, just like creation.  We have to take “Vacations”… to force us to STOP, REST, Enjoy… creation. Isn’t that what we do… on vacation. We escape our world and get back to nature where it is peace-full and quiet.          What if that was the norm?  That is what I am trying to reveal to every hu-man on earth.  This world  we think is normal… is not the norm!  Don’t believe the lie… the LIAR!  He is still deceiving the masses. Imagine… Being at HOME… where it is rest-full and peace -full. All is calm, because there is self- control. There is perfected LOVE.                                    We think we know what “love is…”  We grasp for that hu-man love that “hurts the one he/ she claims to love”.  I ask, why would you want to “hurt” the one you love?  We all know what that feels like, we avoid it like the PLAGUE, if we can. Yet we inflict that very pain on others. Hurting people hurt people and misery loves company.                     That’s not my TRUTH!       I never want others to hurt the way I have been hurt!   My desire is to heal that hurt with TRUTH.   This is… that other realm, where peace and rest dwell as the norm. Once you know the TRUTH… its like a calm on the water… just BE STILL… JUST BE.             If I could leave everyone with one last WORD.       Do whatever it takes … everything it takes… to let go of all that earthly stuff, drama and all. Let go of the thoughts, emotions and self-iysh-nes! Stop Being a slave to THE WAY of the “man’s thinking”. His imaginations are bent on benefitting one thing…SELF-IYSH-NES!  What does man know about GOOD?  Look at what all his GOOD has done to the earth, the very thing created to sustain us physically but not spiritually!  Life is not just physical!  It is spirit, soul and body… all Being ONE with The Creator, My Father, My TRUTH… I found out … HE EXISTS and HE LOVES ME… PERFECTLY.

Isolation or Vacation?

As we all experience this time of quarantine most are feeling overwhelmed.

But I choose to see it with the good eye.  This is like a well needed vacation. Isolation has never been an issue for me as I enjoy hours of uninterrupted time “alone”  with GOD!   I enjoy the talks and the walks through the WORD. It is such a beautiful garden.  I just can not get enough of all the different points of view to grasp the sheer amazing beauty that is like no other.

Each time I go for a walk I find some new thing to talk about.  Who knew the WORD was so amazing.  I can barely sit still sometimes as I see things from God’s view point.

I try to invite others on this walk but I have found none.  Most are too busy. Some think it a waste of “time”.  Well… If I am going to spend eternity with GOD  should I not know him better?

I do not understand why humans do not want to know what God is expecting from those who say the want to dwell with him.

The fact is… most just want heaven… just not GOD!

Kicking God out of his house?

I don’t know about you but I have been seeing more and more people who say they invited GOD to be their Savior Lord Master  yet they hold him hostage.

Not that anyone can hold him “hostage”  But what I mean is that People invite him into their spiritual house but then don’t let him be the Head of the House!

He remains a “guest”  with restrictions.  He is put into a corner… maybe even the basement or the attic until there is some problem they cant fix or they want to complain about how evil everyone is.
They say they pray… but it sounds more like a cat screeching in the night.  Gloom, despair and agony … is all God hears.

Now, when He arises to take action… they rebel and refuse to give him any authority to clean up the house, fix things, get rid of trash and things he considers un-holy.
They will not even allow him to cure the leprosy that has broken out in the house!   The whole house becomes infected like a black mold that makes the whole house sick!

I have to ask… can GOD dwell in such a house?
Does it please him… when we refuse to give him his rightful place in our LIFE.
All he wants to do to remodel the house, make it beautiful… and we say NO!

Since when are we the BOSS?
Since when did GOD become the slave and we the master?
Since when… do we demand God obey us… as we ACCUSE him of not keeping his WORD?PROMISES?
I can hear his voice speaking… softly… simply responding… if you do not keep your promise how can I keep MY PROMISE!
And still He shows us MERCY.
He does not strike us DEAD for our rebellion against him.
When will we learn to just let GOD be GOD!

Sometimes the whole house has to be … burnt to the ground and the stones cast into the KIDRON VALLEY… He has to rebuild the house… the foundation relaid and upward!
And that … is painful!
Ask me how I know?

I do not know how he Holds Himself Back…
How does he control HIMSELF!
How does He stop HIMSELF from intervening… when we don’t want his help? or leadership, or Authority ruling over our house.
How does that make us His?
How does that give us PERMISSION… to enter his presence?

It is a gross understatement to say… we are not worthy… of HIM… and yet he wants to come into the unclean places of our soul and start cleaning the house of all the idols, garbage, filth we allowed to accumulate until it is out of control… we become overwhelmed!

Did he not warn us?
He gave us instructions to follow how to keep our house in order!
I don’t think we took those instruction very seriously!
At least… until we end up on our death bed crying out WHY GOD, WHY?

We consider our “SELF” a good person… in whose eyes?
Some how we seem to always compare our “SELF” with someone “worse “than we are. Why never with someone “BETTER” than our “SELF”?
Because we envy those who are “BETTER” than our own “SELF”.
Who is the judge of that?

We missed the MARK alright… we are not the one deciding what is holy and unholy, clean and unclean, right and wrong!

Pride is often the judge?
Why not humility?
Why do we focus on self more than others … more than GOD?
IF… We could change our focus and fix our eyes on GOD… We would not notice our own goodness…  or wickedness in others.
All we see is GOD IS GOOD!
Or is HE?
Do we see GOD as evil?
Do we blame him for all the evil in the world?
After all… he gave you your free will… that means he has to give everyone else free will. If you want to take away someone else’s free will then God will take away your free will!
You say that’s not fair… how so?
You think you are good… all the time?
Again… who decides what is good?
Helping others God is trying to correct… You intervene… is that good?
You complaining about someone else you have no idea what they have been through… how much they hurt… how much they have been taught error…
They may not even be AWARE they hurt you…
And here you are CURSING them behind their back… or to their face?

It never ends… it is a vicious cycle and the only one who can stop it is GOD!
Let HIM begin with you… do not worry about anyone else… just keep your eyes on GOD!
Be willing… to allow HIM to be THE BOSS.
Rule The Whole House!
Your House… inside and out.
You will be surprised how much dirt He can find to clean out of the cracks and crevices.  And if you dare… Let him take a walk out into the garden where things have become overgrown with thorns and thistles, briars and weeds of every sort.
Who knows… He might have to just burn the whole garden to start over… and when that’s finished…
He will start plowing and removing things BURIED… deep.
Some will be surprised to find out what is buried alive… things not dealt with, confronted and turned to good!
That is how GOOD GOD  IS!

I cant tell you how often things from the past I never knew I buried … arose… resurrected from the dead.  God knew it was there.  He knows what needs to be resurrected.

He wants to hold your hand… help you, show you the good he meant for you… but that old evil eye keeps getting in the way!
If You really want God to be the LORD of your LIFE… Stop trying to control what you allow him to do.
He is kind He forces No ONE.
That is part of free will.
Should we not be like him?
We have to be strong and give others the free will to do right or wrong.
We do not have the right to force anyone to obey us…
Obey God… or disobey… that’s a whole other can of worms… a pandora’s box you do not want to open!

Look at the world…
That is the consequences of opening that box!
That is millions of us… given free will to obey or disobey… and look…
What are we blaming GOD for … giving us free will… to choose?
Own up to your part… then really invite GOD into your MESS and let him BE GOD!

Who is your MASTER?

Diving deeper into the water of the WORD.  I am basking in the Ocean of TRUTH and Wisdom!

It is strange to me how man has the idea he is the “master” of his own “SELF”.

We have come so far from The TRUTH that we “think” we rule our own self, our own universe, our own planet…
We can’t even control our own thoughts and emotions!
What makes us think… “believe the lie”  we can control others?
I have found that the reason people want to control others is because in truth… they cant control their own self!

We are quick to “poke out the eye” of someone else’s faults or those trying to correct us… because they have been there done that… but we are ANGRY… how dare they tell me what to do!  They are not my BOSS!
HA!   If they only knew who their BOSS is…
We think we Have free will… But Really… If THE BOSS says NO… it’s NO!
So Why then does he allow some really bad things… To happen to us … in the world.
…To prove to us just how much we need him to be THE BOSS.
Apart from him we “all” are evil.
We will re-act to provocation in a twinkling of an eye!
We loss all sense of reason and out the door goes all our GOOD deeds and we receive the LABEL… SINNER!

I know that GOD…. what ever name you give him… HE IS STILL THE BOSS!
Did you ever think he gives us free will to test us?
Test what?
To see what we will do with our FREE WILL!
Will we go do our own thing?
Will we ask HIM to do LIFE with us?
Will HE stand by like a parent and watch HIS children try to do it all on their own?
HE waits… patiently… while we struggle in our own efforts… failing time and time again, but still not asking for help … we instead get angry… abort what we are trying to do and go out to find some poor soul weaker than self… and take all our frustrations out on him or her or… it!
That is LIFE without THE BOSS!
We don’t see “The Boss” is standing there… invisible to our natural eye… like He is watching from a surveillance camera… If we only knew!
THE BOSS is overseeing, guarding… dare I say even manipulating everything because we ARE ignorant of HIS  PRESENCE.
Are we even aware of the presence of BOTH good and evil?
Yeah… That makes us … stupid-er!
Whose influence are we under?

As memory serves me- right… THE BOSS can BE our BEST FRIEND  or  our WORST ENEMY… Like a nightmare we can’t escape when we become so arrogant to fight against THE BOSS!
How deceptive are we to pretend to be THE BOSS’S friend?  Like HE did not KNOW… JUDAS was a deceiver.. and was right there by HIS side…  to deceive with a KISS!  LOVE?

Can we serve good and evil and expect to be in THE BOSS’S GOOD GRACES?
Some times I wonder… Does THE BOSS think He is talking into thin air … wasting his BREATH?
The WORD echoes in my ear..
He who has ears and HEARS … LISTENS to what the SPIRIT is saying… to him it is LIFE!
But to him who can not hear… LISTEN… to what the SPIRIT is saying… It is just BABEL!

Money, Money, Money

This morning while communing with My BELOVED we got on the subject of MONEY.

He asks how I feel about it.  He knows… already… but he wants me to say it out loud.

I confess… i despise it.

He asks why?

I reply… its just a piece of paper… and man has bowed down to it and made it their god!  That infuriates me!

He asks again… Why?

I answer as I feel tears welling up from within my SPIRIT…
They have reduced MY BELOVED GOD to a piece of paper… a book… they put no value on that piece of paper.  They forget… you are more than just a piece of paper!  You are so much more than money.  They lay down their life… TO THEIR DEATH, to pursue money… Why? They can’t see?   Money can not give them LIFE eternally, can’t heal them spirit, soul or body,  can’t “save” them from anything, can’t even buy them peace and rest.

My BELOVED replies, They have a twisted mind, they do not grasp with their understanding what LIFE is. They have no perception… what healing is… they do not even know what Resting in PEACE is.  It is not an external feeling or thing to be bought and sold for profit… it is a spiritual TRUTH they can not ascend to find it, buy it, sell it, or bribe another for it.

My reply… I do not understand it… male and female alike will give their LIFE to the DEATH to pursue money but they will not give you a glance.  You are so much more than a book… just a book… YOU ARE A LIVING BREATHING BEING!

What more can I say…
I pursue TRUTH the way hu-mans pursue money.  I am free- er happy-er, healthy-er, more ALIVE and well than any one who is pursuing money.  They are so busy running to and fro in the earth they miss the simple things, good things.  Things money can’t buy. Things… they can’t control, manipulate or deceive to make some profit from. What do they do with all that money?  “Live” the good life?  Well, I guess it depends on your perception of “good” and “Living”?

There is nothing more divine that being at peace with GOD and knowing He is at peace with me! It took a long time to get here, but worth losing all the worldly “STUFF” to gain the simple things, invisible to the natural eye but so beautiful the spiritual eye.

We are fast approaching the “cashless society”!  No more paper!  Electronics have NOT improved our “LIFE” nor made it “simpler”. If anything… it made a triple intrusion into our “LIVELIHOOD”. The invasion of every part of our spirit, soul and body.
AND NOW… They want to implant some electronic device to control us like robots! They want to take over our spirit, soul and body!  We will be their puppets.. they will say who will live and who will die.  They decide who is valuable and worth-less. They decide male or female or neither! They will throw us out into the trash heap with all the other electronics that fail to meet their expectations!

We will have no hope… except to refuse the electronic chip implant. We may die but death will be a “GOOD THING” compared to living a LIE!
IF… you know THE TRUTH!  The TRUTH will set you free!  He was, is and always will BE  the TRUTH!  He can not lie! We always wonder… is there an absolute TRUTH?

Why don’t you try to pursue that instead of MONEY… That can not save you from what is coming… Be afraid… if you don’t know.  But if you do know… You have NO-THING to fear… Perfect Love casts out all fear!

The hard part is not knowing… is it worth it?  I mean… giving it all up to pursue the TRUTH!  I am a WITNESS!  IT IS WORTH IT ALL!  LET IT ALL GO… YOU SEE THE DAYS ARE EVIL… YOUR MONEY CAN’T PROTECT YOU FROM THIS INVISIBLE ENEMY!

Food for Thought?

food for thought? who is guilty of sin… The soul or the body?

The body can do nothing without the mind!   That’s a fact…. unless you have some cross communication with the brain and the body.
I will not expand on that!!!
I have to ask then how can the body sin without the mind involved?
When we do sin… we can be in “auto pilot” but that just means we have responded the same way for so long it becomes HABIT!
We have trained the body to do something routinely… to re-act the same way in similar situations and before we know it… things come blurting out of our mouth without thinking… consciously!
SO… who really is at fault when we sin?
The body we call the flesh  or the soul- (the mind, heart and will)?
Can the body do anything randomly… without the message center sending a response to the body?

The WORD OF GOD SAYS… where 2 or 3 agree touching anything  it will be done.
Put your heart, mind and your “will” to work you can do anything!
Leave things to the mind and “will” and your pride will be puffed up!
Leave things to your heart and “will” and you are one big ball of good or evil EMOTION!

So why do we do evil?

Is our soul forcing the body to sin?
Its just being obedient, why does the body get the punishment for doing what it is told!
Is the soul in agreement?
When the WORD OF GOD talks about the BODY does it really mean the physical body or the soul!
The soul that sins will surely die!
And again the flesh can not enter the kingdom of heaven?
Who is being judged the body or the soul?  or BOTH?

When the soul is at war within itself… the mind and the heart opposing one another… What is good? What is evil ? What to do? What to do?
Who wins?
Who is stronger?
The weaker will always bow down to the stronger… whether good or evil!
You have a superpower… FREE WILL!

Some call it the HOLY SPIRIT.
Some call this gut instinct.
Some call it intuition.
Some call it… some other LABEL!  We are pretty good at labeling everything we have no idea what it really is?  It’s NAME CALLING… right?

We are given FREE WILL to choose … to sin or… not to sin… but every day we give in to TEMPTATION… the TEMPTER… that is not letting GOD Rule our soul.
We want our own way…
We want our freedom!
Our soul desires pleasure, maybe revenge, maybe just our own way?  We want to return evil for evil… good for good… wound for wound.
We want to be the BOSS, JUDGE, JURY, and TORMENTOR to make sure the offending  criminal that did us wrong gets everything “we think” he deserves!
NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU SIN!   No one can force you to sin…
We check our behavior pretty fast when a pastor or someone we admire walks into the room!
Well, if we  claim JESUS is our SAVIOR… We invite him into our “heart”  is he just a guest?
Do we give him ALL Authority over our spirit, mind, heart, will and body?
Do we keep him a prisoner in the corner of our “HOUSE”.
Its suppose to be HIS HOUSE!
He bought and paid for the property rights!
Possession… is that 9/10th of the LAW?

OOOOh!   My mistake… he wants ALL of you not just 1/10th!
Now we get to the root of it all!
We give him the 1/10th we keep 9/10th for our own self-iysh-nes!
That doesn’t work in a marriage.
I do not think that works with our employer either.
I don’t even think that works with our FATHER earthly or divine!

I can’t say I know one person who can rule their spirit, soul or body without divine intervention!
We are suppose to take authority over our soul that controls the whole man!
We quickly find out is it not so easily mastered.
We need the MASTER to come be the HEAD and the HEART and WILL over us.
If we do not allow him to be the HEAD of the house will he stay just as a visitor and sit by while you do evil… think evil… feel evil… focus on evil… listen to evil… go places where evil is “fun”?
HE IS HOLY… he has 2 options… correct you or leave you!
He can not be in the presence of wickedness… He is HOLY… again HE IS HOLY… what does he have in common with the unholy?
What does good and evil have in common, how can they be in agreement?
How can they unite!

Sounds like our GOV’T today… that’s what you look like to God!
He came to bring PEACE… to you who invited HIM in  to STAY… but then we do not want him to clean out our house or convict of bad behavior… we declare… “It”s covered” under your blood!  I don’t think that’s going to work with HIM!
“So we shout… GRACE!   Yeah… HE IS GRACE… that’s not going to work either!
The only thing that’s going to work with him is… YES MASTER! Yes FATHER! YES BOSS!
Your have FREE WILL… you can say… NO MASTER,  NO FATHER, NO BOSS!
I would advise you NOT TOO!

It’s best… just to let Him have His way …and do it… willingly… with love… because you love… HIM.   Because he is a good FATHER, MASTER, BOSS and even a good HUSBAND… so treat him the way you should. The way you want to be treated by him… because after all he set a LAW in place… YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!



READING ISAIAH AND JEREMIAH FOR HOURS.  Time seems to be compressed into flashes… like the rapturing of my Spirit into the WORD OF GOD.

I find myself seeing the future in the past and in AWE of how the past can be so ghastly  similar… in Wickedness!  and Goodness! Opposites at war just as we are today.

I ponder:
What good is the “Whole Armor of GOD”   if we still have fear in our SOUL!

It is not just a matter of the heart but the mind.  They must agree for a thing to be done?   Does not scripture say:  Where 2 or 3 agree it will be done?   If the heart and the mind agree it will be done…!

If the heart and the head are at war… we all know the chaos that goes on in our soul creates all kinds of stress… emotionally and mentally… eventually physically!
We can’t focus!
We can’t sleep!
We eat to comfort our soul but that only makes the stress worse when we find it does not satisfy or solve any of the PROBLEMS…  that caused the war in the first place!


The real question then, of course,…   IS OUR LOVE PERFECT?

We certainly can not blame GOD!   We know his love is perfect!
Who dies for someone steeped in sin, wickedness and ignorance?
I can bet not one here on earth would die so some criminal could be set free!
Though I have to confess it seems like the world has gone mad setting the criminals free and putting “christians” on the chopping block!

So back to Perfect Love?
Can one be free of fear without perfect love?
Can some one Love without TRUST?
Can one Trust without Love?
I will say by experience… You can not Love without trust, BUT you can TRUST without Love.
We do it every day… we trust our GOV’T????  I thought that would make you laugh!
We trust our employer… AGAIN I CAN HEAR THE LAUGHTER!
We put our “TRUST” in our cars, people in our path every day, our mail people, our Dr.s, medicine, food… the list goes on and on but you get the “jist” of it all. We don’t necessarily LOVE… all those things.  But we Trust them to do what they SAY they will do.
We open up our soul, spirit and body to some one we” LOVE”.
Sometimes…. we still get burned.
Then we go about with more armor on to shield us from the unknown.
It gets harder and harder to TRUST and to LOVE any one or anything!
What do we do?
We gravitate to things we can control!
Whether people or things.
We go out of our way to avoid anything we can’t control!
BUT… When we know we can control a situation… a person… a thing…
We Kinda Get a little PRIDEFUL, arrogant, mean and take for granted those things we consider CONQUERED!

NOW… All this being said, WHY DO WE FEAR THE DEVIL?
If GOD has given us ARMOR satan cant penetrate… why do we fear something that can’t touch us?
We FORGOT… to read the DIRECTIONS that came with the ARMOR!”
Where are those directions… giving us instruction how to use the ARMOR?
THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH …. HE has to be the interpreter!
We go trying to interpret the spiritual things by earthly means…natural language and what happens…
satan laughs in our face and twists the WORD to make us feel stupid!
We think we know what GOD means…
and  we can’t even control our own SELF!

This is only to stir you up… to build a relationship with the Interpreter of the WORD…
He is the only TEACHER that can reveal the TRUTH to you…

Never Trust a HU-MAN!   We all have weaknesses and we ALL fall on our faces from time to time to keep us seeking the TRUTH-ER!
We will never know it all!
We will never have all the answers to every problem.
Everyone’s path is different…
How can we help someone where we have never experienced what they have been through?
We can offer compassion, encouragement!  It is a requirement… so that when we fall others will show us compassion and encourage us!
One must learn to TRUST GOD before you can LOVE GOD!
The TRUTH brings about a transformation… FEAR has no more power over the SOUL.
This is when the ARMOR takes us to a whole other level of CONFIDENCE!

What “GOOD” is armor if you do not know how to use it?  It is worth-less!
There is a cost… “TIME”… and SACRIFICE everything… to learn how to use the armor!
It is “WORTH” everything… it becomes PRICE-LESS… a PRECIOUS TREASURE!
It becomes a GARMENT OF GLORY the devil will flee from when he sees you coming!
It is just getting to learn… how to use each piece of armor and then practicing… what you were taught… guess what… that takes trials, tests, troubles, tribulations…problems… to teach you how to maneuver effortlessly in your armor!

The Ban?



While everyone is quarantined… I am in my usual solitude that I find the most delightful place on earth.  Here in the secret place with my Beloved I notice no changes… everything is… as it should be.
I have again taken that dive into the deep WATERS… of the WORD.  I enjoy my place with my Beloved … not looking at the world and all the chaos, confusion and hu-mans running to and fro in the earth. 20150806_071709.jpg
For some unknown reason they can’t BE STILL to save their own soul!   I enjoy the STILLNESS… the peace and quiet… in the GARDEN of EDEN!

Since my RESURRECTION from the dead…  I have no desire to labor among the world and wallow in its sin.  Sounds extra- ordinary  to some, but now that I know the TRUTH… I have no desire to go back to living like a hu-man.

I soak for hours on end in the WORD… basking in the TRUTH that sets me free. Today as I read Jeremiah, I can not help but be amazed to see the past in the present. A world gone mad!  Sin abounding, unchecked, uncorrected and rampant just like a virus that plagues the world 100 times over.  What is the Cure?  REPENTANCE!




If… YHWH put the pagans under the BAN  for all there idolatry and wickedness and allowed “no- thing” to escape … no man, woman, child, beast or possessions… but all was burnt by fire!!! How much more will he do the same to those who are called by his name!   He destroyed the Jewish nation and exiled them MORE THAN ONCE for turning away from HIM- His ways, His laws … from seeking Him with all their heart… how much more will He judge the “CHURCH” who calls them selves CHRIST-ians!!!!


On the outside some may appear “RIGHTEOUS” but inside they are full of all kinds of secret sins.  Others, however, have no shame and expose their sin in broad day light!
There are many GOOD people going to hell all because they reject YHWH.  No One Is Good Enough to earn heaven or deserve heaven… think about it?   How many want heaven but NOT YHWH!   Let me reveal a simple TRUTH… YHWH is Heaven.  It is his presence that makes heaven… heaven!  20160621_063421.jpg

And as for the BAN… That is simple… the JUDGMENT of YHWH.  He does not tolerate sin as some were taught! That whole GRACE, GRACE AND MORE GRACE… is not so we can sin freely!   It is for the disciple- learning hands on… how to walk in his ways.  YHWH sees the SINCERE effort we are making… trying to learn to do what he says… not just follow rules without relationship.
Man will always find loop holes to get what he wants…
Its called taking the Word out of context… manipulating the WORD to get what you want!

How can I teach others what I have not learned to do my own self?

I will compare it to a child who is “trying to do” what the parent asks… as to the child who does not give a rip and back talks or procrastinates doing what he has been  asked, then told…


Who receives more GRACE?

Who receives more “favor” the obedient child or the disobedient child!
So you claim to be a child of YHWH?
You claim to be CHRIST-ian?
How obedient are you?
How much do you care…. if you are obedient… who are you to think you can be hateful and still receive blessings and favor… what about GRACE?
We reap what we sow… right? 20160621_205231.jpg
What spouse will grow in love when the other continues to abuse that love?  You say you LOVE YHWH?  What to you do to grow love… with HIM.  I grieve for MAN… how can he understand being a Bride?  And yet that is what the CHURCH is… suppose to be!
What man can humble his own SELF… the way he demands his wife to bow down to him.   Should he not also bow down to YHWH the same way he expects his wife to submit to him….
AGAIN… we reap what we sow!
Does YHWH treat us as though we have no value?  Does he treat us like a slave?  Does he show us no RESPECT, HONOR, ESTEEM?
Does he not value us so much he laid down his DIETY to become HU-MAN!
How much more humiliated can he be… to make him-self so small to fit in to our skin and dwell WITH_IN… US!   UGH! The thought is beyond me… I can barely stand my own SELF… knowing what is feels like to be free from this vessel of SKIN!


How ignorant we are… of the TRUTH!
Were It Not For His Grace…
Then… Testing me… to put into practice what HE Taught Me!  I would not be the New Creation I am this day.
The whole point of this is to remind ALL OF US… no one is exempt from THE BAN if… you turn away from YHWH and continue in a life of sin… you know what is RIGHT… You know what is WRONG!
It is impossible to do Right without the RIGHT ONE…                                         YHWH!
He alone is Right and a relationship with him… will make us RIGHT with Him!



I am urged to write A WORD TO THE WISE.
Who will heed the voice of God?
He is urging us to pray for our president, so he will not turn away from following the Leading of the Holy Spirit and the Laws of God.
How easy it would be for the president to become prideful and turn into the next NEBUCHADNEZZAR!
The gov’t swaying the president to introduce “a mark” namely the chip to cure and protect the people from the plagues and financial bankruptcy!

It is all planned long ago.
As they prepare for the plague and the financial chaos that will come upon the US.  YES… I mean all of us!
We are reaping what we have sowed.
Allowing unbelievers and foreigners who do not uphold our constitution and respect our FAITH in GOD.
The “anti-christ” has been here for quite some time… secretly undermining the church and the gov’t.
All of that… trickles down into the other avenues of business, education, entertainment, medicine and into the complete corruption of the family.
Isolating people… family… so they can not encourage one another or preach the GOOD NEWS!

How much more oblivious must it BE?

The answer is to UNITE!
United we stand divided we fall!
Fear divides!
Worry and doubt create strife… greed abounds and brings an eruption of SIN.
We fall into the trap set by the unbelievers… poking at the evil eye and what ensues is war!
Why can we NOT resist RE-ACTING  to the provocation and the goading of the wicked?

Do we realize the rich are only RICH because we bow down and slave for their benefit?
Dare I say the rich are no-thing  …without the slave- laboring for mere necessities but demand more than what they pay the working slave. ISRAEL IN EGYPT?
That leaves the slave… forever a slave, forever indebted to the rich.
There is no hope of freedom… UNLESS… the slaves REBEL as one body.
Stop bowing down to the rich and the rich will become poor… they will become a ruin because they do not know how to LABOR… they only know how to bully others by manipulation and oppression.
Take away their MONEY a piece of paper… and who will be their puppet!
Who will fight their battles for them?
We are the RICH… we know how to work… and from those labors we do business with others … NOT FOR A worthless PIECE OF PAPER!
But for what we can not produce our-self.
Each soul has a gift… Should we not be using that gift to BARTER… goods for goods!!! Barter with others for the gift we do not have.
I can cook! I can not build a house… lets make an agreement you build my house I will cook for you!
What value is a PIECE of paper?  Just as a piece of paper does not make two people married!!! … or wise!
MARRIAGE IS A INTERNAL SPIRITUAL AGREEMENT… The piece of paper is just the outward witness of HE SAID SHE SAID!!!

I have been keeping a journal for so long it has become a witness of my Internal Spiritual AGREEMENT with GOD YHWH!  It has been a long journey… Never has it been a magic wand waved over me and SUDDENLY I AM- holy, righteous or pure… in spirit, soul or body!
This covenant agreement has been very hard and narrow… I fall down… on my knees… and pray!
REFUSING to fall down before satan and submit to his  abuse, provoking, temptations, oppression and mocking.
I AM NOT ALONE… and satan can do no – thing to me that is not allowed by GOD.  If he chooses to prove me … PRIVATELY OR PUBLICLY…   who am I to say, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING”?
He reveals the TRUTH in me… who is my GOD?
Whom do I serve?  I have learned… I can’t serve MYSELF!
I surely do not want to serve evil!
So I choose GOOD, I choose GOD!
It’s not easy… And I have lost friends, family, work and possessions, even spiritual friends and family… And YET… I have gained so much more… A CLOSER WALK WITH GOD!
I get to know him more than I ever imagined possible!
So when I see what the ENEMY of CHRIST is doing to deceive the masses I can not keep quiet.
Those who call me “Apostate” … “Legalistic”  or a” JESUS FREAK”…  I bear that with all JOY!
Yes!… I am APOSTATE… from the religious who are only good on the surface.  Underneath all that exterior facade is a cancer of sinful greed, envy, willful wallowing… in sin…they declare is covered under the Holy Precious Blood Of MY Savior!
They call it GRACE…
It is NOT GRACE to trample the Holy Blood under foot and continue in sin!

I will stand my ground!
Resist RE-ACTING like the DEVIL!
Resist living in the darkness of ignorance!
I resist NOT knowing…. Because it is the TRUTH that will set me free from fear, worry doubt and SIN!
I will put my TRUST in the RELATIONSHIP… that AGREEMENT I made with MY GOD!
He invited me and I came and signed that Covenant… agreeing to allow HIM to TEACH ME A BETTER WAY… TO LIFE!  For-ever walk and talk with Him means I begin to act, talk, walk LIKE HIM!
Even if He needs to purge me to purify me… If he needs to circumcise me… CUT AWAY THOSE PARTS THAT SIN against HIM, come between us.  That SOUL-IYSH FLESH… SELF-IYSH-NES  that wants and desire pleasure… and the easy way… that usually hurts someone else… so I do not have to suffer!
If he needs to crucify me… to prove I TRUST HIM COMPLETELY… I know… I can’t DIE!   I will live forever… free from this skin that has feelings , SENSES THAT LEAD ME ASTRAY…and confines me… to the natural realm.
I learned from Him how to ascend and descend in the spirit and soul… though He always sends me back… to SHARE … what He has revealed to me  face to face!



Blood drives- spiritual significance

This word is not for the faint of heart! Unbelieving, nor the irreligious, unspiritual! Those who can not see will not receive the Truth hidden within. Go not further if you do not have the mind of the Spirit.

Studying the Word of GOD in depth… I have found revelation that takes my breath away.  How often we over look what is right before our eyes. This is not a word many will accept and I am sure to get a backlash from it!  But the Holy Spirit moves me I can not resist nor do I want to resist the Holy Spirit moving me!  That is dangerous ground to stand on … holy ground at that!   I have learned just to do what the Spirit says or suffer the consequences. There is enough misery in this world without being disobedient to the One who SAVED me and Protects me from all evil!

I wonder… how many have given blood…”blood letting” all under the GOOD DEED of saving lives?  I was guilty.  But for years since I have devoted my life to God,  the Word and the Spirit,  I have been KEPT BACK from giving blood.

It is only now I grasp the meaning!  Why has the CHURCH become a source of blood drives.  The Holy Spirit reveals that satan worshippers drink blood to empower them. This is written in the Word, and why God destroyed the world!  The NEPHILIM were blood thirsty demons.  They are here whether we believe it or not.  This is why we have seen wickedness prosper at such I terrifying  speed.  It is a SUDDENLY… that caught us off guard.

I am not saying everyone is after your blood.  I am saying the purer the blood the greater the HIGH the demon possessed become… the more wicked and the more obsessed they are for more!   What better plan than to have volunteers rather than kill, steal and destroy a life. Keep them alive and they have a continual supply of blood sources.


I have searched the WORD and I have found many times idol worship is rooted in blood sacrificing.  Many occultic religions practice blood drinking as it appears Christians do at communion. This is what infuriated the Pharisees. Drinking and eating blood is forbidden! So when Jesus said… THIS IS MY BLOOD DRINK IT IN REMEMERANCE OF ME!  The religious community was horrified and wanted to kill Jesus for such teaching of human sacrifice and drinking blood!

We all know that evil has infiltrated every corner of the earth!  It begins in the CHURCH,  as the priest are so are the people!  The family, schools, business, entertainment, medical fields and deep into the GOV’T have become so corrupted it can’t be fixed… it has to be allowed to come crashing down around us so it can be fixed… by GOD!   Yeah …we see now… how the gov’t has been pretty shady in their work. All the deception, all the immorality and unethical practices running rampant without any hindrances.  They no longer WORK FOR THE PEOPLE… we work for them!  We became their slaves.  We work and they take what we have earned… so they can wallow in sinful pleasures of the flesh!

The Holy Spirit reveals those 7 MTS, 7HEADS, 7Horns and the 8th has already come up out of the midst of them all!  The horn of Computer Technology!  Can you see it…  the 8th horn rules over the world… it has even found its place in the church!  The family unit is divided by technology to the point I have watched people at a restaurant texting each other at the same table!  Instead of communicating face to face with the person right in front you it has become non verbal communication… That’s not tele-communication! Telepathic messages has nothing to do with computers!

There is no place to go where computers have not overruled the SYSTEM!  Life is next to impossible to live NORMAL without computers.  We may know someone who does not have a computer or cellphone … but surely their electric and phone is computerized, their bills, banking and grocery shopping are… not to mention the medical facilities too!  Science has created a MONSTER! A Beast from HELL itself.  We cast away human life like it has no value but we turn to computers to tell us what is right and wrong, how to think and feel… does a computer have a heart?  Can it show compassion? Can it discern right from wrong.  Can it decide who should live and who should die?

You wonder what does this all have to do with BLOOD DRIVES?  well… the stronger the demon possessed soul is the more demonic influence there is. Satan revealing all kinds of MAN-U-FACT-URED inventions to control us, lead us astray, and lead us straight into the enemy’s snare! What better way to control the masses except by keeping them sick, enslaved and too busy to spend TIME with God so He can reveal the enemy’s plots and lead us out of the oppression, depression, sickness and dis-ease.

BUT God has still a few he can reveal His secrets… how to counter  what the enemy is plotting for the hordes of GOG AND MAGOG!   He gives wisdom to his people who invent CURES and turn evil to good!  He sent HIS WORD TO HEAL THEM OF ALL THEIR SICKNESS AND DIS-EASES!  FROM ALL THEIR SINS!  Christians take communion to unite with the BODY of Christ, to be ONE… in agreement in spirit, soul and body. How much more does satan imitate GOD as false light! Jesus even says you become ONE with whom you worship, agree, partner with, commune with and associate with… it is a covenant like a marriage… agreeing to be ONE!… They think, act,  talk, and feel “alike” they are the very likeness and image of whom they unite their souls to!

This goes so much deeper of which I can not elaborate … in public teaching. There is so much in the Word of God that man has not begun to scratch even the surface because that is what man does stays surface… earthly minded he fails to see… no flesh can see GOD!  We must put away the flesh… We can not take this body into the spirit realm… it must be LEFT BEHIND!  His kingdom is not of flesh and blood!  It is SPIRIT because he created us Spirit Beings JUST LIKE HIM…   but SIN has brought us this SKIN that feels hot and cold, pain, suffering, sickness and dis-ease and all those emotions that we bow down to… all those human thoughts, ideas that we “think” we are so wise but instead we just go on destroying life!